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Teflon Security Full Package
Best Value

Teflon Security Full Package

All-in-One Modules + Free Online Support

Included Modules

  • Fix & Repair Module
  • PC Performance Module
  • PC Protection Module
  • Privacy Protection Module

$34.95 USD  1 Year License

Individual Modules

Fix & Repair Module

Keep your PC running smoothly and optimally with our Fix & Repair module.

$14.95 USD  1 Year License

PC Performance Module

Increase your computer speed with our suite of PC Performance tools.

$24.95 USD  1 Year License

PC Protection Module

Keep your PC safe with our PC Protection module. We will protect you from Spyware, Adware and Viruses.

$24.95 USD  1 Year License

Privacy Protection Module

Protect your privacy and keep from getting your browser hijacked.

$9.95 USD  1 Year License

Need help? Call toll-free +1-719-941-8012